Pirate Princess Party I Glamour Avenue Parties

Jun 9, 2012

I have not blogged in quite some time, but I wanted to share the most recent party I styled! I had the opportunity to do something outside of our usual spa party requests and I loved it! I styled a Pirate Princess Party for one of my promotional models, Olivia J.

The color palette include pink and gold with black and white stripes. Pirate parties are typically reserved for boy themes, but I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit! I included fun elements like pirate ship cupcake wrappers, boas, and pink necklaces to give the theme a punch!

For additional photos of this party, feel free to visit us on Facebook.


  1. Thank you Lissa!! I am open for all things when they don't include the spa theme!

  2. I love the striped sails on the cupcakes, too cute. You are a great party designer for kids. Full of inspiration.

  3. Thanks Shandra, that was one of my favorite details as well!