Glam Deals I Glamour Avenue Parties offers Website Exclusive Daily Deals

Sep 26, 2011

Glamour Avenue Parties is pleased to now offer website exclusive promotions for up to 50% off selected party packages and items through its appropriately titled Glam Deals.

Daily Deal sites are widely popular right now and I loved the idea of offering exclusive prices that are "too good to pass up" directly through the website.

We also want to offer incentives to our past clients to try some of our newest packages. We are excited about the new themes we have introduced, such as the Glam Rock Star Party Package and Pajama Glam Soiree, and thought it would be great to launch them through our Glam Deals.  

We encourage clients to check back to the site regularly to see what latest offers we have available. to them!

To learn more about our exclusive deals visit Glamour Avenue Parties on the web here.

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